ArduinoConnect / RasPiConnect

Build Great Control Panels for Raspberry Pi/Arduinos

RasPiConnect is a flexible, customizable control panel / display for your Raspberry Pi available on iPads and iPhones . It consists of two parts:

  • RasPiConnect - available on Apple Appstore
  • RasPiConnectServer - Written in Python and available on for free download

iOS Simulator Screen shot Aug 25, 2013 1.27.43 PMiOS Simulator Screen shot Jul 22, 2013 5.13.25 PM

The major features of RasPiConnect are:
  • LIVE Controls (in-app purchase)
  • Easy to setup control interfaces (all done on iPad/iPhone - no need for downloading or syncing)
  • TEN independent pages of displays available
  • Can talk with Arduinos with In-App Purchase (See ArduinoConnect for description of Arduino Interface)
  • Display text, meters, images all from your Pi to your iPad/iPhone
  • Customizable Action Buttons allow the iPad/iPhone to control your Pi
  • Auto refresh keeps things up to date
  • You can connect to multiple Pi’s on every page
  • IMG_0095
  • Wide variety of different customizable controls on the iPad/iPhone
  • Open source customizable server for your Raspberry Pi written in Python
  • Works with any computer that supports Python (not just the Pi!)
  • Two ways of Importing / Exporting for sharing configurations
The major features of the RasPiConnectServer are:

  • Full Open Source Code
  • Easily Modifiable by User
  • Full Documentation
  • Excellent Examples
  • Modular Architecture
  • Supports Webcams / i2c devices / custom hardware
  • Bi-Directional interface with the RasPiConnect client software
  • Runs on Raspberry Pi or any OS or machine that supports Python
  • Uses XML for Communication and For Configuration Files
  • demopageiOS Simulator Screen shot Jul 22, 2013 5.13.31 PM